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    • 3M™ Cavilon™ No Sting Barrier Film

      Medical adhesive related skin injuries and friction can quickly break down skin. Cavilon™ no sting barrier film is an alcohol-free, sting-free liquid barrier film. When applied, a breathable coating is formed to protect damaged or intact skin. It is transparent to allow continuous monitoring of at risk skin. The unique formula provides long lasting protection and is CHG compatible.

    • Infusion Catheter Sites

      Protect Skin at Infusion Catheter Sites

      Skin damage from adhesives at infusion catheter sites can be a significant problem, particularly for those with fragile skin.
      • Frequent or repeated dressings changes can result in skin stripping injuries that compromise the epidermis or worse, create a superficial wound¹
      • Skin damage is a local complication that can lead to increased risk of bacterial colonization and infection² ³
      • Local complications and catheter related blood stream infections (CRBSI) can occur

      Learn more about how 3M™ Cavilon™ No Sting Barrier Film can help protect skin (PDF, 1.01 MB) 

      ¹McNicol L, Lund C, Rosen T, Gray M. Medical Adhesives and Patient Safety: State of the Science: Consensus Statements for the Assessment, Prevention, and Treatment of Adhesive-Related Skin Injuries. J Wound Ostomy Continence Nurs. 2013:40(4): 365-380.

      ²Wysocki AB. Anatomy and Physiology of Skin and Soft Tissue.  In: Bryant, RA and Nix DP eds. Acute and Chronic Wounds: Current Management Concepts. 4th ed. St Louis, MO: Elsevier Mosby; 2012:40-62.

      ³Roth RR and James WD.  Microbial Ecology of the Skin. Annu. Rev. Microbiol. 1988; 42: 441-464.

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    • Barrier Film

      Cavilon™ No Sting Barrier Film is like no other barrier film

      6 ways Cavilon™ No Sting Barrier Film helps guard against adhesive trauma around I.V. sites:

      • Chlorhexidine gluconate and povidone iodine compatible.1 To ensure the effectiveness of antimicrobial preps, only a barrier film with proven compatibility should be used
      • Alcohol-free and non-stinging – comfortable for use on damaged skin2
      • Non-cytotoxic – will not interfere with healing if skin is damaged3
      • Fast-drying and non-sticky – for ease of use and patient comfort4
      • Hypoallergenic5
      • Sterile delivery system – Accepted standards of practice6 call for sterile technique and supplies; easy to open, unique peel down packaging allows for aseptic delivery

      Cavilon No Sting Barrier Film Application Guide (PDF, 517.05 KB)

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    • Cost effectiveness of Cavilon no sting barrier film


      Knowing that your products will perform is important. There are over 70 pieces of clinical evidence supporting the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of Cavilon™ No Sting Barrier Film for multiple clinical uses - more evidence than any other moisture barrier or barrier film.

      Read the Clinical Evidence (PDF, 780.75 KB)

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